Announced: Assetto Corsa for PS4 & XBOX One

Kunos Simulazioni, the Italian simulation development company behind such innovative titles as NetKar Pro and Ferrari Virtual Academy, and of course, the popular crowdsourced Steam-powered PC title, Assetto Corsa, has partnered with 505 Games to bring Assetto Corsa to your living rooms.

Surely waiting silently for the media blitz of Slightly Mad Studios’ Project C.A.R.S.’ retail release to end, Assetto Corsa has officially reversed their position against previous statements in support of developing the title for console platforms.  The ability to bring an innovative PC-sim title to the console was last attempted by SimBin’s RacePro in 2009 with not much of a splash due to the limitation of the console platform and dry simulator aesthetic.  However, in the age of the recently released next-gen console platforms, there is hope!

We are excited to get our hands on Kunos Simulazioni’s console version in 2016.  The now more frequented involvement of PC based simulation companies in console gaming is another step forward to the day that PC and console players alike will be able to enjoy top-of-the-line graphics, true simulation-level physics, real-life competition worthy AI, and an exciting entertainment value as a single package.

You can read more about the release at Kunos’ official website within the link below.

Official Press Release


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