Announced: Need For Speed for PC, PS4 & XBOX One

If you have been partially living under a rock like us for the past few weeks, then you might have missed out on EA’s announcement for the next installment of “Need for Speed” to be released in November of 2015, the typical release month for Need for Speed titles.  The title is being developed by Ghost Studio and seems to be a contemporary reboot of the Underground series, complete with the stylish, “hipster-oriented” import machines, such as the one featured on the cover, a clear nod from corporate America to the likes of RWB Porsche and Liberty Walk Performance fan bases (this would include us, so we are stoked).

These first impressions underline “A New Era for Need for Speed”.

We are hoping that this is a positive change of creative direction, signaling that EA is turning more to the American and Japanese import scene again, rather than their position for the last decade within the “Euro-trash” motorsport scene, illustrated by cheesy design graphics and energy drink club raves.

Support for this outlook is outlined by the mere fact that the trailer is grimy, dark, and presented through shaking mobile phones tracking big, American police cruisers chasing rebellious and hotheaded tuners through the late night streets of sparking commercial centers and dark industrial districts… If you are familiar with U.S. street racing culture and have lived within a major metropolitan area, a number of U.S. cities come to mind in resembling what EA has clearly set out to illustrate in 2015.

We will keep a close eye on developments for you as they release more information within the coming weeks and months.

Official Need for Speed Web Site

Preorder Need for Speed @ GameStop (PS4)
Preorder Need for Speed @ GameStop (XBOX One)


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